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Afrilogic - Your Trusted Agri-Business Advisor!

Afrilogic has first hand experience of the agricultural value chain in Africa, which helped us with the development, not only of an innovative, but also of practical solutions for our clients. The ability to adapt to develop implementable solutions, sets Afrilogic apart from other service providers who sometimes follow a very academic approach.

Our Online Academy

Offering the wider community of South Africa increased access to a diverse range of high quality, affordable and practical Workplace & Personal Skills training.

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Africa Facts & Figures

Have you figured out why Afrilogic wants to help you invest in Africa? We know that these figures will provide you with some food for thought

Percentage of the worlds population living on the African continent


Amount of fastest growing economies in the world, situated in Africa


The top 18 African countries will have a combined annual spending power of 1.3 trillion USD by 2030


Number of African companies topping revenues of 3 billion USD


Expected urbanisation rate on the continent by 2030


Percentage of Africans under the age of 15 years


The world's arable, uncultivated land situated in Africa


Multinationals not in Africa

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